The Changes In Our Lives Uncategorized Episode 0: Welcome To The Podcast!

Episode 0: Welcome To The Podcast!

Welcome to The Changes In Our Lives Podcast. I’m really excited about this project! During the pandemic, I really saw that I had the capability to create a space for people to tell their stories. And not just tell their stories, but help other people understand that they are not the first to go through this – they’re certainly not the last: give people some hope that as we experience all these changes, we can be okay and kind of create a feeling of having a tribe someplace where we can all relate to one another. 

I love this opportunity! And, you know, this is completely new to me, I have no idea how to create a podcast, so I’m going to be winging it. And my thoughts are that as I learn more, the podcasts will get better and better. 

So we’ve got a whole bunch of guests lined up to come in and tell their stories. I’m also going to be doing solo episodes where I talk about my own stories and different places where I’ve learned things along the way that I think are helpful to other people. And I’m also going to be doing some roundtable sessions with some of my coach friends who have really great experiences and you’ll get to hear some different viewpoints and hopefully learn something along the way. 

So thanks for following us and let’s go on this adventure together.

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